Saturday, October 11, 2014

Recycling an old VHS-recorder Power Supply

Recycling an old VHS-recorder Power Supply

A week ago an old broken VHS-recorder came home, driving belts were Out of Order, the 3.7V battery was leaked and the board partially burnt : nothing to get out of this?

In fact many things can be recovered : 

  • Screws
  • Springs
  • Metal housing
  • Motors

But that's not all, since Power Supply didn't looked destroyed, maybe we can find another life for it?


First there is a need to know which outputs are common, and then which Voltages are used.

Common outputs (pins):

A quick look to the PCB shows a lot of common wires, a closer look shows the following (verified using a multimeter : 0Ω indicates that the wires are common.)
Numbers are counted from left to right when looking to the port like this :

==> The two groups of pins that are in grey are common.
==> There is a 2Ω resistivity between pins 1 and 2, so i'm not sure they could be considered as common.

Assuming that Antenna blocks are linked to ground and that there is a 0Ω result between Antenna, pins 7:10;17:18, and a large amount of 'open' places on MotherBoard : pins 7:10;17:18 can be considered as ground (i hope so).

Now, Voltages

So there are a large range of Voltages available, but i'll mostly use 12V pins to power PC Fans and a future project i have  :

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