Sunday, October 12, 2014

AdBlock : Use with Caution

AdBlock : Use with Caution
The following article is not about how i'll be paid by ads since i have too few readers to get consistent rewards with AdSense (and that's not to get money that i tried it, but only to understand its mechanism).
This is more about how big websites need advertisement to survive without the need of creating "premium accounts".

Advertisement is the way Internet content is kept free to browse: 
There are mainly two types of system : 

  • Either you pay to get things 
  • Or the creator needs another option to get rewards even if the user pay nothing.
Advertisement is the second option. The reader don't have to pay anything, but as a drawback he has to stand ads all other the articles.

All is a matter of compromise
  • Blog writer shouldn't apply intrusive ads not to clutter up the blog
  • Blog reader should stand non-invasive ads and only blocks big ones that destroy user-experience.

To support websites make sure you don't block ads on them or that you correctly setup AdBlock to allow "acceptable ads" ==> this is enabled by default, and NEEDS to be kept like this : 

Why is this feature enabled by default?

Unfortunately, this is the only way to accomplish the goals described above. But if the majority of Adblock Plus users have this function activated, advertisers will have the incentive to produce better ads.

This doesn't work correctly on Youtube since all ads are blocked there.
a 30 seconds ads at the beginning of a 20 minutes video is nothing bad. Stand with it and enjoy the video supporting the youtuber !
Here is an excellent video (in French) about Ads and Adblock on youtube :

I might write an article about how AdSense works on my blog as soon as i better understand its mechanism...

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