Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Master PDF Editor

Quick overview of Master PDF editor, another (user-friendly) PDF editor: 

>>> completing an old post about editing PDF on Linux <<<

This will only present the most basic features of MasterPDF editor 1.9.25.

Open the PDF you want to edit, here is a basic example of what teachers can give to students and say "simply print it, and you're done!" : 

Remove the Black Background, usually it is a picture, select it, and press suppr.

Ooooops, looks like text disappeared?

Use the "text selector tool"

Now Select with a long click the whole area (ctrl+a doesn't work : it will select both text and non-text objects)

Choose color to fill the selected text:

There is no way to invert colors in that software, but it is easy to export the image, edit it with your favorite image editor and then re-insert it.

As this software doesn't provide a tool to make arrows, make a pool of arrows with another one, and paste them there.

Now we have a Printer-friendly pdf :D

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