Thursday, November 6, 2014

PWM controlled RGB lamp (part2)


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I recently got another old/trashed HP all-in-one scanner-printer, and took the RGB lamp as well as a bunch of motors, gears, and stuff.

This time, there are pics of the scanner piece before complete take-apart : 

HP all-in-one (AIO) scanner lamp

HP AIO scanner part upside down

Now that i have a new lamp, it is time to disassemble the old one :
HP AIO scanner lamp disassembled

Wait, What ??? that's not a bunch LEDs like i thought first, but a single RGB LED and a clear plastic reflector!

The LED (only green isn't burnt on this old lamp):

zoom on the HP Scanner LED

The LED with green ON:
HP scanner RGB LED lighten up

Same, but with f/11 and 1/80 sec.:
HP scanner RGB LED lighten up

With the plastic piece that reflects an diffuses light all along (same pic settings):
HP scanner RGB LED lighten up with reflector

Although, it is one LED, the use of recycling this part is keeping it as is : perfect to make an atmosphere lamp.

A PWM supply is now needed to correctly monitor all this :)

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