Monday, June 3, 2013

Customizing Xfce (2)

Playing with Xfce : part 2, Shortcuts

Make sure to have a look to :

Are you missing the quick start/search box of Unity or Cinnamon?
this allowed you to access to common apps pressing superL ("windows" KB button) and typing the begining of the app name to launch it.

This also exists in Xfce but you need more KB actions to get that box... (pressing superL, down, enter, down again, typing app name, enter, and enter)

that's why i decided to link superL directly to the box : 

seek for KB settings : 

this quick search box app is called xfce4-appfinder

as you can see it was also linked to <Alt>F3, but i didn't find it handy at all

Now pressing superL :

i linked xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu to Alt+F1 to get it with KB (in case touch pad dies or anything)

other apps i needed to shortcut : 

  • gnome-system-monitor linked to Fn+F9 (called XF86Launch1)
  • xfce4-terminal linked to Ctrl+Alt+T (called <Primary><Alt>t)
  • gtk-redshift -l <lat>:<lon> linked to <ALt>F7
  • xfce4-screenshooter linked to "Impécr/syst" (called Print)