Monday, September 29, 2014

Xposed and Moto G (2)

Xposed & Moto G

Here are a few Xposed modules i currently use on my device [XT1032] (in addition to CM11) : 

Simply click on the links to get more about these modules

For another device i had to set up [XT1039, MotoG LTE] for 'standard End-User' in addition to Motorola Stock ROM : 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quick Review (part2) : Hybrid armor case for MotoG

Quick Review (part2) : Hybrid armor case for MotoG

A while ago (middle of june 2014) i had bought a 'heavy duty' case for my Falcon and made an 'out-of-the-box' review. It is now time to see how it survived to life:

As said in previous review, i didn't use kickstand and pocket clip features that i simply removed.

Device protection

The device fell on the floor a few times without phone destruction (the added thickness above screen protected it, same for camera lens and other vital parts).

Corners of the cases obviously got some little scratches : 

Looks like the rubber part perfectly absorbs shocks and preserves the device.
I didn't pay attention to my falcon at all, being confident with the extra-protection added by the case.

Wear and tear

Blue-Jeans are quite abrasive stuff, so they produce some scratches in the angles

Pretty descent for a 3 month heavy usage (the case have never been removed from device until today)

Rubber loves dust ...

So here is the inside : 
Less dust stuck there than expected.

And the device??

I can't say it looks like a brand new device, but there are no major flaws    
Funny fact: 
The model number is molded in the rubber part : 

Looks like it is reported on the device's back cover now ...

Conclusion : 
A great case that does the job it is meant to.

  • Efficient: performance and low cost. 
  • Resistant: not much wear and tear despite quite hard conditions
  • Little flaws that had already been pointed out in part1, but are acceptable for the price.
There might be a part 3 in a few months to follow this case ageing...

Sunday, September 7, 2014