Saturday, October 4, 2014

AChep's HeadUp

What does AChep's HeadsUp do more than embedded CM11 HeadsUp notifications?

Not much at first, the goal is the same : display notifications in a popup so that user can read them without dragging notification menu.

What are the CM11 feature limits?

  • No dark/light theme
  • No timeout settings
  • Touch outside will dismiss without any possibility for user to change that.                 

What does AChep's HeadsUp better?

  • Dark/light theme
  • User configurable timeout before autodismiss
  • Minimum priority needed by a notification to access HeadsUp
  • Hide on Touch outside can be (en/dis)abled by user
  • Blacklist capabilities (both prevent notifications in specified app AND prevent specified apps from getting access to HeadsUp notification

Some Screenshots

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