Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Orzly Premium Tempered Glass : Screen Protector

Orzly Premium Tempered Glass : 
Screen Protector for Moto G (Falcon/Peregrine)

Ordered two screen protectors (one for my Falcon, and one for a Peregrine : same Screen, so same Protector)

Features (as claimed on the box)

  • Oleophobic Coating (Orzly Tempered Glass Screen Protectors have an oleophobic coating, this hels prevent fingerprints and other contaminants as well as making it easy to clean).
  • Whole Transparency (The silicone adhesive surface ensures there are no gaps between the screen protector and your screen. This helps to ensure the clarity of your screen is not reduced).
  • 8-9H Surface Hardness (Stronger than PET film screen protectors).
  • 0.24mm thickness (Made from chemically treated, transparent tempered glass, the screen protector is only 0.24mm thick, making it ultra thin and light).
  • Sensitive Touch (Highly responsive with your device's touch screen).
  • Shatter Proof (If shattered, the screen protector breaks into small pieces that do not have sharp edges. This makes them safe to use).

What's in the Box?
  1. Tempered Glass Protector
  2. Alcohol cleaning cloth (wet)
  3. Cleaning cloth (dry)
  4. Applicator card
  5. Dust remover stickers (x2)
  6. How-to
After opening the main box : 
Alcohol cloth, dry cloth and small applicator card, paper box
In the paper box (click to enlarge the pictures and read the How-to) :
Tempered Glasse Screen Protector, 2 stickers, How-to

How to apply?
  1. Go somewhere there is NO dust (a wet atmosphere is recommended, since dust won't fly freely ==> i didn't applied in this conditions, consequently, some dust came in the process (see below)
  2. Remove the previous screen protector used if any
  3. Use  the alcohol cloth to clean the screen surface
  4. Dry the screen with the microfibre (dry) cloth
  5. Use Dust removing stickers to eliminate any residual dust
  6. Pull back the plastic layer (labelled "(1) Please peel off this mask BEFORE application)
  7. Carefully position the screen protector onto the device's screen. Make sure to align correctly the speaker cut out with the screen's one. /!\ at this time, any single piece of dust hanging around in the room will come simply to take your work down /!\
  8. Press down gently at the center of the screen so that the protector's adhesive will spread (mostly no need to press much, positioning on the screen will start spreading)
  9. Use the applicator card to push out the edges (it is said that small bubbles will disappear in 1~2 days ... we'll see... 
  10. Clean the Screen Protector and enjoy :D

Looks as if there were nothing on the screen ...

But i failed somewhat and a little piece of dust got stuck (creating the small bubbles on the bottom right of the pic, near power button): 
Edit : looks like the bubbles are slowly vanishing (silicone layer in action) ... only little light deviation/diffraction due to the very small piece of dust stuck, but it is now so small that only an attentive look allows to see it, no impact on user experience anymore.

Pros & cons
Pros : 

  • Won't get scratched easily as a PET (plastic) film would be
  • Better screen protection than PET film?
  • Better transparency than PET film (and should not get yellowish with time passing)
  • User cannot say if there is a protector or not by finger feeling
  • If well applied, user cannot say there is something on the screen (by sight)
  • regarding package : it is great to have a good looking package AND all accessories needed to perform the application.
Cons :
  • Will break on shock where a PET screen would get slightly deformed but resist.
  • Fingerprints will stick despite Oleophobic coating (not more than with PET film though) 
  • Expensive (got it for 10€ when a PET film costs 1) ==> But worth the price!
  • Thickness is low, but it was nearly too thick to correctly cohabit with my protection case, make sure your case will accept this extra thickness before purchasing!

NB : Application is quite tricky, as much as it is to correctly apply PET film, simply different : so no way to compare both on this side.