Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CM12.1 : A few Drawbacks

I'm using CyanogenMod ROMs since the very beginning (started with a fork of CM6 called MiniCM6 by XDA Recognized Developer nobodyAtall).

Every CM version since then had more and more features, less and less bugs: the Sony-Ericsson X10mini (e10i, aka Robyn) started with the 'well-known' "SDcard safe to remove" reboot bug that crashed the device twice a day in the early miniCM6 ages...,
CM12.1 on Falcon (Motorola MotoG, XT1032) is far from this, a lot more mature, but still lacks a few things

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Some lacking Features and some issues

Here is a list of a few things that bothers me in CM12.1. Don't take it wrong, CM12.1 is nice and works pretty well, the following list is only a few "cosmetic" issues, user-experience related.

  • Expanded Desktop
    • Sometimes the nav bar doesn't show up when swiping up. (It needs to swipe down to display notifications, and then, nav bar shows up)
    • On some specific apps the nav bar is "ghost" meaning that once displayed (after swiping up) touching return buttons behaves as if the user had touched the content behind [like an ad........])
  • "Per App" Expanded desktop
    • Enabled for all is nice,
    • Per app settings is nice, -when "Enabled for all" is un-checked-
    • BUT why can't we make per app customisation, when "Enabled for All" is checked? that would help when the user wants the expanded desktop to be enabled for NEARLY all apps, but keeping a few apps with both nav and status bar.
  • 'The random Black Screen' with AmbientDisplay (with wave to wake, an pocket mode enabled)
    • In some rare cases, getting a notification wakes the device, but screen goes black (the only way to "fix" is force rebooting the device). Still no way to reproduce found yet,
  • LiveDisplay : Automatic settings
    • Automatic settings only work when location is enabled. A great addition would be to set time of start and time of end of 'night-mode' as whe can do with F.lux or RedShift for users that don't keep location enabled all-the-time.
  • LMK, is that really an issue?

Feel free to comment below, and i will update this article with your own feelings about the lacking features and the issues that bother you in CM12.1 (don't forget to tell your device if the issue is specific to a branch

For those complaining about Battery Life, don't forget to read this article ;-)

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