Saturday, November 15, 2014

2x5W Amplifier for mp3 player or line output (MK190) (part2)

Having something that works is ok, having something that works AND looks good is better:

Here is the result of recycling Hercule XPS 2.0 10 Left channel box (the right speaker was dead so i simply swapped left/right speakers, removed right one and made a stereo>mono trick to get the whole signal toward left-that-became-right speaker)

This is based on the previously made MK190, slightly adapted to fit in the XPS speaker housing.

Additional stuff needed to complete the work : 

  • 1 ON-ON switch
  • 1 Four ports spring clip speaker wire connector block
  • 1 Metal LED housing
  • 1 Circular power connector
  • Some wires took from out of order ATX-PSU
  • Black plastic sheet hanging around
  • 2 torx screws taken from the HP AiO used for the RGB LED project
  • Hot glue


Needed-to-be-changed components

<=== Before

                                                After ===>

  1. New switch
  2. LED and its new housing + wires
  3. Potentiometer "plugged" in a drilled hole
  4. Line-in jack 3.5 plug
  5. New power connector 
  6. Kept the screw-able speaker ports for later modularity.


Trying to get the best of the available

Assembling the Four ports spring clip speaker wire connector block, the Black plastic sheet (to cover the removed Speaker space) and the main housing

No screw at the bottom-right of the plastic sheet since the PCB is there
The plastic sheet had been machined (both sides) so the PCB don't push much and prevent from closing the main housing. It is hidden by the cover.


giving trash a new life
From left-to-right :
  • Speaker plug
  • Line-in Jack
  • Potentiometer knob and LED
  • Power switch

The 6-14V input : 

What's next?