Monday, November 10, 2014

Quick Review (part3) : Hybrid armor case for MotoG, The PINK one

The black armored case has fully proved itself capable of protecting against shocks. But it's black (i like black, but my girlfriend doesn't).

<<< Part one (unboxing the black case) >>>
<<< Part two (life tested) >>>
<<< Testing tempered glass protector >>>

For her Moto G XT1039 (peregrine), we got a girly Pink build of my own case : 

XT1039 XT1032 armored case


1st overview

This one has been bought from the USA (mine was directly sent from China).

  • Brand name : Asmyna (that's more a re-seller obviously)
  • Declared to be "designed in USA" ==> hmmmm?
  • "ISO 9001:2000 PASSED" ===> How can a product pass "Quality Management" ??? Quality Control is something a product can actually pass, not management.
  • "Made in China" ==> Obviously true.
What's different with the Black Model?
  • Costs the double of my black one (i suppose the travel from China to the USA to Europe is not for nothing there...).
  • Has no screen cover with clip.

XT1039 XT1032 armored case

XT1039 XT1032 armored case pink girly

XT1039 XT1032 armored case pink girly asmyna

XT1039 XT1032 armored case pink girly asmyna


Device protection

The case is well made, and fits perfectly the device
The Pink rubberized paint is nice to touch (Yes, you've just read PAINT.)
XT1039 XT1032 armored case pink girly asmyna

XT1039 XT1032 armored case pink girly asmyna

Pros & Cons

Same as the Black one, plus a little thing...

Let's see :

XT1039 XT1032 armored case pink girly asmyna flaw paint scratch

"- Dafuk is that ?
- Looks like Pink rubber is painted on white plastic!, it will scratch with time and look weird."

The black case had a Black rubber paint on Black tinted plastic resulting in nearly invisible scratches [See Wear and Tear" Part of the previous post]


  • More expensive than Black Model
  • White plastic painted Pink (and not Pink tinted plastic.)
  • Bad Wear resistant paint hence the white spot that appeared in the first days.
  • No sliding cover to protect screen added to the package.
  • Same other Pros&Cons as Black Model (minus the silicone flaw i had on mine)

So, it is still a good case (if you forget paint wearing), it offers excellent shock protection and has a good quality feeling. 

Though, if you don't really need a Pink or Colored case, prefer the Black one, it is cheaper (if bought from China, i couldn't find the Pink one from there), it also has a sliding cover and wear is hardly noticeable thanks to Black-on-Black Paint.