Monday, September 2, 2013

Editing PDF on Linux

Need to edit a PDF on Linux ?

There are a few softwares that can do the Job but...

Here was the Problematic : adding notes on a 215 pages PDF using a small and performance-less netbook

I first tried PDF import extension of LibreOffice (opened using Draw) two issues came out : 
  • importing the PDF destroyed most pictures
  • the 215 pages uncompressed for editing made the netbook lagging a lot

So I needed an alternative way
  • splitting the enormous pdf in smaller parts
  • using another program to add notes

  • Splitting using pdfmod :

sudo apt-get install pdfmod


once the PDF was in a few smaller time it was time to add notes : 

  • Adding notes using flpsed

installing : 
sudo apt-get install flpsed

the look isn't fancy, but it does the Job : 

You may wait a lot for the file to open (mostly linked to pdf size and PC performance)

==> Then add notes, and export to pdf when the work is done ! 

Enjoy ;)

PS: I'm still looking for better ways, feel free to share your own!

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