Monday, June 24, 2013

Customizing MDM

Customizing MDM : a few tips 

Considering we are on Linux Mint, we use MDM as Login Window, why won't we play with it?

MDM stands for "MDM Display Manager" this is a feature of Linux Mint, it has a menu for customizing the login window (but that's not enough ;) ) more info on Linux Mint website

default window is the following : 

first we can choose a new theme in the list :

We now have this login window : 

But hey! there is an issue, i can hardly read my login and password !

Let's fix it
open /usr/share/mdm/themes/Dark (since the choosen theme name is "Dark")
open dark.xml as root  :

and now let's edit what needs it ;) 
seek for this

change the color #d6d6d6 (light gray) to #000000 (black) or any color you would like for user -pw-entry : (For you, lazy guy, here is the exact line to edit) 

and now the theme is ready to use :D

enjoy ! 

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