Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quick Review: Hybrid Armor for Moto G : ageing

With time going on, things are ageing and a lot more when daily used. Here is the result of day to day use of a Cheap "Heavy Duty" case:

My first article about that case was written on June 17th 2014.

At that time it was brand new :

Wear and Tear

Cosmmetic ageing
Time made its duty since then:

Scratches on MotoG cheap Heavy duty case

Coating is wearing a lot, not only in the angles, but also where some scratches were made:

Scratches on MotoG cheap Heavy duty case

Contrary to the "3 months later" post, the coating isn't simply getting scratches but even ripping off! 

Scratches on MotoG cheap Heavy duty case

Device protection

Mechanical properties

Despite the bad cosmetic state after those 7 months of intensive usage, the mechanical properties of both rubber and hard plastic are still like on first day: providing an excellent protection to the device.

5$, 7 months (until now, but it may still last for quite a longer time) : for about 70 cents/month, it saved my device from a deadly crash a few times! It might not be pretty, but that's not what i asked it for.

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