Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Laser-Beam from DVD burner : some experiments

Laser-Beam from DVD burner : some experiments

The set-up : 
  • followed this article as a base
  • with the following stuff : an old PC-PSU, a laser-diode from DVD Burner, an adjustable voltage regulator (LM317T), a 100ohm potentiometer, 2x 1N4001 diodes, a 47µF capacitor, some wires, thermic pasta, and a heat sink.

DVD-burner cover : 

soldering details : 

the laser-diode case : 

Now, some data : 
Circuit Input : 5V
At the laser diode poles : from 2.0 to 2.4 V (depend on the potentiometer setting )

a small video of the working circuit : 

details : 
the laser burning the surface : 

now passing through the plastic sheet : 

burning results : small dots of melted plastic, not impressing, but quite good for a first trial : 

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