Saturday, May 18, 2013

Customizing Xfce (1)

Playing with Xfce : part 1, panels

Make sure to have a look to :

Contrary to Unity, you change nearly anything you want in the look of Xfce

for a start, we will only talk about panels customization (but there are also themes, icons... that could be changed)

here is a standard, brand new Xfce panel after a fresh install of Xubuntu :  (app panel is hidden)

now right clic on the top panel : 

and play with the available settings, here is what you get :
what you can do : 
  • autohide the panel 

  • set transparency : 

  • move icons/shortcuts using the arrows, add new one using the (+) : 

  • one potential result : 

so here we didn't change the look, but the position/behavior of the panels and their content; the aim is to get what fits most your needs!

one recommandation : play with the settings ;)

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