Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Quickie#4 CM12.1 vs Exodus ROM: CPU/GPU

After Pure SQLite databases transactions performances, it is time to have a look at CPU/GPU pure performances (meaning benchmarking, not real-life ...)


both ROMs were tested on RgbenchMM (4 threads):

On this Benchmark, CM12.1 is slightly ahead in performances (this has no real-life impact though)


For 2D graphics, i use fps2D, and old app that is quite great for the purpose (an keeping it helps looking back in the ages and see progression.

No, there is absolutely NO single difference regarding 2D performances. a 0.1 fps difference with a standard deviation of 10fps is not significant at all!


Looking at average fps performance on this benchmark shows less than 1 fps difference between the two ROMs. lowest and highest are much more variable (look at stdev!) and thus cannot be compared.

What about the score?

Looks like CM12.1 gets some higher scores here? Right, but mainly because the Benchmark didn't recognized the same screen resolution (although both are set to 320dpi [default]) ==> normalized scores are similar. This might need further investigations.

regarding CPU/GPU

  • Contrary to the huge performance increase in SQLite (up to 900%!!) CPU/GPU performances are not better (even a little behind? not sure we can say that) on Exodus compared to CM12.1
  • So after hours of benchmarking, i couldn't show Exodus superiority here. So for people wanting a pure CM experience there is no point switching to Exodus of Falcons (XT1032 at least.) to burst CPU/GPU Benchmarks.
  • Nevertheless, those ROMs are pretty similar but Exodus features lots of things CM12.1 doesn't which is not something to throw out!
  • Later we will try to see if various other points of comparison can (or not?) differenciate Exodus from CM12.1.
    But are we really searching overkill performances in Exodus on Falcon? I personally don't. CM12.1 is a great stable base that gave me all i wanted for a while (Features and performance wise).
    What i searched for in Exodus is not extra performances, but extra features (Pie, navigation bar customs, bottom right clear-recent, ...)