Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Moto G and Moto E : snapdragon 400 vs 200

Snapdragon 400 vs Snapdragon 200

based on msm8926/8226 vs msm8610

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It is now time to compare MotoE and MotoG:
Moto G and E features a Snapdragon 400 and 200 (respectively a Quad-core Cortex A7 @1.19GHz and a Dual-core Cortex A7 @1.19GHz)

Note that previous benchmarks were performed with ONDEMAND governor on CyangenMod11 ROM, but stock Moto ROM uses Interactive by default (i didn't expected that...) so the following has been made with interactive for both devices (needed to re-bench MotoG >_<)

to check above results are applicable despite governor modification : 

MFLOPS per governor on MotoG (Falcon, CM11) @1190MHz
MFLOPS @1190MHz for Interactive and ONDEMAND governors on Moto G (Falcon)

No significant difference between ONDEMAND and Interactive governors for the specified test.

Moto G (Peregrine) vs Moto E (Condor)

To improve accuracy, instead of using my Falcon (XT1032) running CM11, we will compare results obtained on a Peregrine (XT1039) running Stock Motorola ROM :
Both Benchmarks have been run on Motorola Stock 4.4.4 ROM on Moto G (Peregrine) and Moto E (Condor):

There is no differences between msm8226 (Falcon) and msm8926 (Peregrine) despite LTE capability of msm8926, that's why we will use a Peregrine for the following part.

MotoG (Peregrine) vs MotoE (Condor) @1190MHz, stock 4.4.4
MotoG (Peregrine) vs MotoE (Condor) @1190MHz, stock 4.4.4 Single and multi-thread

We have quite similar results on Single Thread application for one simple reason, the number of cores does not have any impact. Since the clock speed is the same, the results are the one expected.

On Multi-thread the difference is quite huge between the quad-core and the dual-core, though we don't see a x2 ratio by doubling the cores number.

MFLOPS divided per the amount of cores
x/4 for msm8926 and x/2 for msm8610, Single Thread as control.
MFLOPS divided per the amount of cores. Peregrine and Condor; single and multi-thread
We should have observed a similar result between Single and Multi/nbCore...
Is the msm8926 really shitty at multithreading? i don't think so, looks more like if linpack or the system only uses 3 Threads...

If we apply a corrective divider (3 instead of 4) the results are perfect :

MFLOPS divided per the amount of threads used
x/3 for msm8926 and x/2 for msm8610, Single Thread as control.
MFLOPS divided per the amount of threads actually used. Peregrine and Condor; Single and Multi-Thread

Moto E (Condor) and Moto G (Peregrine or Falcon) should have similar performance in single threaded applications.
Though the 4 Cores may no be used at their full potential in some apps, multi-threaded applications should be better handled by the msm8926/8226 featured by moto G.

Moto G? or Moto E?

Which one for What...

For moderate usage, Moto E is quite enough compared to Moto G : 

  • It is not weaker on Single Threaded applications
  • It has a smaller battery but both smaller CPU and half size Screen in pixels (960*540 vs 1280*720) will give it a great battery life.

Moto G is still the best quality/price in its category (prefer the Peregrine version and not the Moto G 2014 aka Titan)

  • Multi-threaded applications will obviously run better on it
  • The better Screen density improves user experience on long term usage
  • A far better Camera...

A complete Moto G - Moto E versus is available on (note that Moto G Peregrine does not have 16GB of internal memory ... but only 8, and an SDcard slot.)